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Taizhou Rainmaker Import & Export Co., Ltd is a newly established subsidiary of Taizhou city Xiefeng Machinery Co., Ltd. We not only have independent import-export rights, but also tremendous economic strength, advanced technology and professional staff. Abiding by the business philosophy, “Be professional, honest and trustworthy”.

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Taizhou Rainmaker Import & Export Co., Ltd.

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  • Rechargeable sprayer

    Rechargeable sprayer

    Rechargeable sprayer suited for wheat ,corn , rice , fruit tree ,green ,houses ,grapes ,tobacco ,tea

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  • Rechargeable battery sprayer

    Rechargeable battery sprayer

    Turn on the power switch of Rechargeable battery sprayer to start spraying, turn off to stop. Saving

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  • Knapsack sprayer

    Knapsack sprayer

    Knapsack sprayer is suitable for Agriculture, Garden, Public disinfection, pest control and sanitati

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